I mentioned the latest coming from Tito Ortiz over the weekend, and you’ve probably already heard this from multiple places, but here’s the video interview with Tito Ortiz stating EliteXC is in the lead to secure his services. If you’re tired of listening to Tito just talk, here’s the cliff notes on what he said.

  • Won’t fight till the middle of ’09 due to back surgery.
  • Doubts signing with UFC since they aren’t covering his back surgery.
  • Good possibility signing with EliteXC. Thinks he can pull them out of the red.
  • Publicly states GSP is unhappy with the UFC for the second time. Nice, Tito, I’m sure he appreciates that.
  • Has all the money he wants. Doesn’t need anymore money. It’s for the fighters. Sure…
  • Was supposed to be involved somehow with the Kimbo/Shamrock fight after.
  • Wants to fight Frank Shamrock

Props to MMARated.com for the video interview.