Antonio Silva, who recently tested positive for Boldenone (horse steroid used by professional athletes in the past), is still maintaining that he is innocent. According to a report on, Howard Jacobs, the same man who represented Sean Sherk in his steroid case, will represent Silva in the proceedings with the CSAC. Similar to the Phil Baroni steroid case, they plan to use the “we tested clean somewhere else” defense, although considering the long-half life of Boldenone, Silva’s independent test may offer more credence.

Part of Jacob’s case may hinge on a clean sample the fighter reportedly produced shortly after his suspension was announced. Jacobs said the sample was tested at a “well-respected” laboratory separate from the two Silva’s initial samples had gone to, but would not name the facility. Boldenone is recognized for its comparatively longer half-life, which ranges from six months to a year and a half, according to numerous medical Web Sites.

Silva’s other defense is that he took a supplement called Novedex, which apparently is known to cause a false-positive for Boldenone. However, the manufacturer warns that the substance is so strong, it may cause a false-positive for steroids. If that’s the case, how is that any different than taking steroids? Because it has a different name? If it produces similar results in the body, it’s still performance-enhancing, regardless if the label “steroid” is attached to it or not. That said, if it’s not banned, and that caused a false positive, then by the rules, he should be cleared however ridiculous that may be.

Silva also claims his condition, acromegaly, or “gigantism,” prevents him from taking steroids, as it could result in death.

It’s certainly compelling evidence, however, if we know anything about the CSAC, compelling evidence doesn’t necessarily mean much.

Silva’s hearing with the CSAC is scheduled for Oct. 22.

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