Dana White is piiisssed! He goes off on EliteXC for the alleged bribery scandal in this video, and rightfully so. Of course, he’s assuming they’re guilty, but he pretty much has to to distance the UFC from the situation as much as possible. The whole rant is quote worthy, but my personal favorite is when he addresses $kala as “rapper whatever your name is, Shaw Jr.” Funny stuff.

And White actually had an analogy that made sense for once. Props to MDS at MMA Fanhouse for the transcription.

“It would be like the NFL, there’s a game between the Patriots and the Browns and the NFL goes into the locker rooms and tells the players, ‘Listen, the Patriots pull higher ratings if they make it to the playoffs and the Super Bowl than the Browns do. So here’s what we’re going to do: The Browns have a great running game. We’re going to pay your team more money if you just pass tonight, don’t run, because we need the Patriots to make it to the next level.’ That’s f—ing illegal. They’re being investigated by the Florida Athletic Commission. They ought to be investigated by the FBI, too.”