Slow news day today, so bear with me, but I ran across this trailer of Jean Claude Van Damme’s new movie over at The MMA News. This isn’t just the same old JCVD movie though. It’s JCVD starring as JCVD in a movie about JCVD. Now I know no one takes Van Damme seriously anymore, but two little movies called Bloodsport and Kickboxer were the reasons I fell in love with martial arts when I was a kid. Like many others, I became a loyal fan pretty much until his movies became unbearable to watch. Of course, because of that, I’ve been ridiculed to no end by friends and family, so don’t even bother, I’ve heard it all.

Considering the audience of this blog however, I thought some of you might be interested. For the first time in probably ten years, I’m actually looking forward to a Van Damme movie.

A funny clip from the movie in how he got the part after the jump. Is that how it really went down? I like to think it is.