Florida DBPR LogoThe Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation’s investigation into the EliteXC alleged bribery scandal has commenced. What that investigation actually entails is now detailed in a report from MMA Weekly.

As Florida DBPR press secretary Alexis Antonacci tells MMA Weekly, the investigation will start with interviewing the EliteXC promoters. From that point, they may or may not move on to interviewing the fighters depending on what the initial interviews turn up.

“We’ll start from the promoters. Possibly the fighters. We’ll just have to see what the initial fact finding mission turns up, and then we’ll move from there.”

Hmm…”possibly the fighters,” huh? I’m not a investigator or a lawyer, but isn’t the fighter, whose own words started this whole situation, just a little bit important to the investigation?!?! If a lawyer blows the whistle on his corrupt law firm are you only going to interview the partners??? C’mon!

Moving on, if the interviews turn up any evidence of wrongdoing, an administrative complain will be filed against EliteXC. At that point the organization would have two options. A) They can dispute the findings in a hearing with an administrative law judge, or b) they can accept the findings and and the commission will determine a suitable punishment, which would likely result in the suspension of EliteXC’s license in the State of Florida and/or fines.

Of course that’s probably not going to happen because the commission is still conducting the investigation with the notion that EliteXC is innocent stuck in their minds.

“We still don’t have any reason to believe that there was any wrongdoing that occurred. But given the interest in the matter, we thought it would be best to just go ahead and open up an investigation and we’ll probably follow that up with a review.”

Well, happy to hear you’re probably going to follow it up with a review. And I’ll probably pay my taxes this year that pay your damn salaries.

I said before that I was afraid the DPBR was just going through the motions. Well, no need to worry anymore. They are just going through the motions.

The commission will release their results in a week and half, although I don’t think we need to wait to know what the result’s going to be.

While we’re on this topic, remember when Jeremy Lappen contradicted himself regarding whether or not they offered submission bonuses, and then Lappen tried to blame it on Josh Gross and Franklin McNeil for “misquoting” him? Well, Gross has refuted Lappen’s claims. He spoke to MDS at MMA Fanhouse and appeared on Sherdog’s The Savage Dog Show yesterday to set the record straight.

Dana White has also weighed in again on the situation.

White proceeded to say Petruzelli’s comments, which were later amended to say he was only referring to a knockout bonus he earned, deserve a criminal investigation, and a formal inquiry in all states where Elite XC has staged fights. White said if Florida requires a formal complaint to amplify its current probe, he will “look into” making one himself.

“This is illegal, these guys should go to jail for that,” White said. “You could bet on this fight in Vegas. It’s no secret Kimbo stinks on the ground. It’s no secret Petruzelli should take him to the ground. But what you didn’t know is that the scumbag promoter had told him not to.

“If this happened in Nevada, or if it happened with me, the FBI would be investigating it. If this thing does not get investigated properly, it’s the biggest slap in the face to sports.”

Well, Dana, it looks like sports is about to get bitch slapped then.