I know we’re all a little tired about talking about what went down at EliteXC “Heat” but I’ve always enjoyed Bas Rutten’s perspective on things, so I thought I’d share this interview he did with Steve Cofield.

One of the rumors floating around about Ken Shamrock was that he was holding out for more money on game day. Bas addressed Shamrock in the interview, and while he doesn’t confirm any rumors, he does allude to something going on with Ken which led to the infamous eye cutting workout.

“Ken had some things going on. I don’t know if I can go into that. But his head wasn’t in the right place. He was kind of angry and trying to blow off some steam. He started working out and rolling around. Obviously, they rolled harder than they were supposed to go and boom there the cut was.”

Turns out that rumor may have some truth behind it as Dave Meltzer reported the money dispute did take place. Bloody Elbow has more.

In this week’s Wrestling Observer, Dave Meltzer reported that Shamrock was extremely pissed that Kimbo Slice was making a considerable amount of money for the fight, made an attempt before the show to get a large undisclosed amount.

While blowing off some steam after being denied the extra money, Shamrock started rolling around and end up getting cut, thus, forcing him to withdraw from the main event.

Why am I not surprised?