Fox News Fight Game focuses on the Fighting Fedor reality show from today’s press conference in New York. There aren’t any new details in the video, just comments from the Trump’s and Tom Atencio, however has a report with a little more info.

Apparently, I misunderstood what Donald Trump’s role will be in the show. It doesn’t appear that he will host the show as I wrote yesterday. In fact, it doesn’t look like his role will be significant at all. He’s expected to travel to St. Petersburg at some point during the taping, but it sounds like he’s just attaching his name to it to help sell it.

Speaking of selling it, they are currently shopping the show around to all the networks, and are said to be negotiations with a few of them, but when and where it will air, if it does, remains uncertain.

[UPDATE 10/16/08 8:52PM ET] – Quick update: Michael D. Cohen told’s Mike Chiappetta that despite reports to the contrary, boxing has not been totally ruled out for January. Perhaps, they’re still trying to put something together, or Cohen just hasn’t got the memo yet. Both are very plausible. And Fedor vs. Arlovski is still not signed by the way.