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UFC 89 “Bisping vs. Leben” took place earlier today at the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham, England.

Michael Bisping and Chris Leben clashed in the night’s main event in a middleweight battle.

Brandon Vera and Keith Jardine battled it out for a much needed victory.

Sokoudjou looked for a highlight reel finish against Luiz Cane in an exciting light heavyweight bout.

Chris Lytle, Marcus Davis, Paul Kelly, Paul Taylor, and Shane Carwin were also in action.

Results and wrap-up after the jump.


  • Michael Bisping defeats Chris Leben via Unanimous Decision
  • Keith Jardine defeats Brandon Vera via Split Decision
  • Luiz Cane defeats Rameau Sokoudjou via TKO (Strikes) in Round Two
  • Chris Lytle defeats Paul Taylor via Unanimous Decision
  • Marcus Davis defeats Paul Kelly via Submission (Guillotine Choke) in Round Two
  • Dan Hardy defeats Akihiro Gono via Split Decision
  • Shane Carwin defeats Neil Wain via TKO (Strikes) in Round One
  • David Bielkheden defeats Jess Liaudin via Unanimous Decision
  • Terry Etim defeats Sam Stout via Unanimous Decision
  • Jim Miller defeats David Baron via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in Round Three
  • Per Eklund defeats Samy Schiavo via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in Round Three


Davis vs. Kelly wasn’t quite the barn burner I had hoped it would be. Davis was just too technical and too quick for Kelly to land anything. Davis didn’t land much either but he took advantage of the opening Kelly gave him with the guillotine and that was that. Good fight for Marcus Davis. Who wants to bet he’ll be fighting at UFC 93?

Man I’m glad I wasn’t a judge for the Lytle/Taylor fight. Maybe I’m just exhausted and delusional at this point, but I had a hard time picking a winner in that one. I was leaning towards Lytle, but Taylor definitely was impressive. Good fight.

Someone wasn’t fucking around in the first round of the Sokoudjou-Cane fight, and that was Sok. He threw everything he had at Cane, but once he weathered Sok’s storm, the fight pretty much turned into a B-level action movie. You knew exactly what was coming. Cane was just sitting back waiting for his opening, and once he got it, he pounced. I like Sok, but he’s not going to get very far throwing nothing but full power strikes the whole fight. Too predictable.

Uh oh, Jardine just pinched his nipples. He’s definitely going to win now. By the way, I hope to never see Jardine do that again. That was disturbing. Whoa, looks like the bell just saved Brandon Vera. The last minute of that first round was awesome. Round two, eh. Round three was better. It was fairly close fight but I think Jardine did enough in the first and third to at least take a 29-28 decision. Vera looked better but he still doesn’t look like a guy who deserves $100k/$100k. And Jardine takes the split decision. Lucky for Vera, the UFC is hell bent on invading the Philippines. Not sure they’d keep him around otherwise. Vera wanted a pay raise after this fight. He might want to get prepared to take a pay cut instead.

Good first round for Michael Bisping. He didn’t look quite as good in the first as he did against McCarthy and Day, but that may be because he respects Leben’s power. As the round went on though he found his range and timing and scored enough to take the first. Round two was closer, but I’d give it to Bisping. Leben landed a few shots, but his brawling style isn’t going to earn him the decision. And it doesn’t. Good win for Bisping. He’s not going to beat anybody with the last name of Silva though.

It was ok event. Nothing terrible but nothing spectacular either. I’ll give it a C for free.

Bonuses $40,0000

Submission of the Night: Jim Miller
Knockout of the Night: Luiz Cane
Fight of the Night: Chris Lytle and Paul Taylor ($40k each)

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