Here’s more of the audio from the Scott Ferrall show with Affliction. Turns out “the t-shirt guy” quoted in the interview is Gary Brody Todd Beard ??? from Affliction. (Edit: I heard wrong in the interview. Ferrall does introduce Gary Brody from Affliction, but he’s a second person in the interview, not the guy quoted below. Sam Caplan is reporting the guy with the rugged voice quoted below is Todd Beard. My apologies to the Affliction guys. Edit II: Dana White says the guy in the interview is not Todd Beard. Not sure who he is yet.)

The notable quote from the interview in cased you missed the update in the last post.

“They threaten us personally which is hilarious. Dana White, Lorenzo Fertitta they’re tough guys. They’re old school mafia guys or wanna-be old school mafia guys. Their grandfather built their business. They’re nothing. They put (Station Casinos) $5 billion in debt. They’re in big trouble right now. They’re going out of business in February, guaranteed. Station Casinos will go out of business in February, for sure. Lorenzo Fertitta … kiss my fucking ass motherfucker. Dana White, by the way, the t-shirt guys are gonna fuck your ass up.”

Also, when asked who Brody thinks will win the Couture-Lesnar fight, he replies, “I gotta be honest right now, and Randy if you’re listening, I hope Lesnar kills you.” Apparently, Affliction is a little more upset about Randy re-signing with the UFC than Atencio led on.

CR: Bloody Elbow

[UPDATE 10/24/08 12:00PM ET] – Part two has been added after the jump.