Florida DBPR LogoSurprise, surprise, the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation who oversees the Florida State Boxing commission has cleared EliteXC of any wrongdoing in the StandGate scandal. The news comes from Mike Chiappetta of NBCSports.com.

The Kimbo Slice-Seth Petruzelli “Standgate” fiasco was in many ways the last nail in the coffin of EliteXC, but ironically, one day after the company shut down, they have has been cleared of any wrongdoing in an investigation of the matter by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, according to documents given to NBCSports.com.

According to the report, Florida state boxing commission director Thomas Molloy spoke with EliteXC officials, Jeremy Lappen and JT Steele, fighters, Seth Petruzelli and Tank Abott, and Nevada and California state commission heads, Keith Kizer and Armando Garcia. Noticeably missing from the report however, is EliteXC consultant T. Jay Thompson. You know, the one who just recently said he had reason to believe Petruzelli was paid to stand! I’m fairly certain Chiappetta would have mentioned him in the report if Molloy had spoken with him.

Quite honestly, I’m not upset because EliteXC was cleared, I’m disappointed because it was obvious from the moment Florida said they would conduct an investigation that it was going to be half-ass. Everyone expected EliteXC would be cleared because Florida was going through the motions, not because they believed EliteXC officials were indeed innocent. Perhaps, they were, but if not, it appears they just got away with it.

So way to go Florida, you fucking rock! I can’t wait to pay more taxes in this fine state so you can continue to half-ass your work.

[UPDATE 10/24/08 12:19PM ET] – Not that it will make a damn difference to Florida, but Keith Kizer confirmed Sam Caplan’s story that no Muay-Thai-style kicks were allowed to MMAWeekly.com.

“Someone affiliated with ProElite told me that the fighter or his camp said that he had not been training to fight a Muay Thai specialist and thus he had not trained to defend Muay Thai-style kicks, so that he would agree to fight the proposed opponent if the opponent agreed not to use any such kicks, and that information was told to that opponent.”

From Chiappetta’s report, Florida did speak to Keith Kizer, but all Kizer told them was that Nevada never had any problems with ProElite. Apparently, he had forgotten about the info above at the time.