It’s a win-win situation for the UFC. They want Kimbo’s star power (what’s left of it at least) but can’t justify signing him to a regular contract. So they put him on TUF and draw big ratings. If he loses, they can put any interest left in him to bed. If he does well, or even wins, a huge stretch, I know, they can sign him cheap relative to his drawing power and justify putting him on a pay-per-view.

It’s a lose-lose situation for Kimbo though for the same reasons it’s a win-win for the UFC, and that’s why it’s not going to happen. He’s not going to take the pay cut and Dana White knows it.

CR: MMA Fanhouse

[UPDATE 10/27/08 7:35PM ET]MMA Rated spoke to Kimbo’s manager, Icey Mike, to find out if there was any interest in White’s proposal. His response:

“We still need to go through our shit with EliteXC,” Mike said. “Until that is all finalized it’s kind of hard to even think about that (but) we are open to anything.

I think more people would watch it if he was on it, (but), honestly, I don’t even know what they pay.”

Well, I don’t think they’ll be jumping at the chance when they find out.

Bad news for all the Kimbo haters though. He’s apparently not done.

“By no means is he done. He is in the gym training now.”

With all the legal actions still being conducted, it doesn’t sound like Kimbo will be signing his next deal anytime soon, so at least you can be happy about that.