Ok, so here’s the deal. We’ve been on a shared hosting plan since we’ve launched and haven’t had any problems until today. When we contacted our hosting company this morning, we were informed that some jackass was “abusing” the server and using up too many resources. They told us they were working on it and would fix the problem as soon as possible. Being that I am extremely impatient with these kind of things, I repeatedly contacted them throughout the day to see how things we coming along and told them to kick the jackass off the server that was causing all the problems.

Well, after numerous emails and online chats, it turns out that jackass was us! Yeah, so basically, with our traffic levels growing, and with our site not being the most optimized of sites (we’re working on that among other improvements btw), we were causing a high load on the server that was disrupting everyone else. The solution they gave was to install a plugin that will optimize the site and reduce the load, however, with our growth it will only be a very short-term fix.

So we have made the decision to move the site to a more suitable hosting company that can handle where we’re at now and where we plan to go. We’re going to start moving things tonight and as long as no problems arise it should be a smooth process. We’ve been told it that while the domain name “populates” across the world (whatever that means), things could be a little funky like posts not showing up that should, but it should only take a day or so.

Once again, we apologize. Thank you for your patience, and better yet, thank you for giving us this problem. It’s one of those problems you like to have.