In the last twelve hours we have been experiencing server issues. The site has been loading slow or not at all off and on. We have been in contact with our hosting provider and it appears there is a problem with the server. They assure us they are working hard to rectify the situation as soon as possible. Since we haven’t had any problems with them before we aren’t going to jump ship just yet. If it continues to happen for an unreasonable amount of time, that will become an option. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Update: Well we just worked through a 403 Forbidden error you may have seen. That was a blast. Unfortunately, everything is really slow and is hindering our ability to access the administration end of the site to write and publish posts at the present time, so the amount of posts today will likely be less than normal. We’re exploring other hosting options and won’t hesitate to move if necessary. Once again, we apologize and will hopefully be back to normal soon.