Anderson SilvaSince we’ve been out of action for a day and a half, there’s quite a few stories that we missed. It doesn’t look like anything major broke, so I’m just gonna do a run down of what we missed so we can get back on track.

—It apparently didn’t sit well with Anderson Silva that people believed he was being disrespectful when he fought Patrick Cote last Saturday night. Silva told it was “absolutely not true” that he was disrespecting Cote. According to Dana White, Silva is so bothered by all the backlash that he wants back in the Octagon as soon as possible, even as early as UFC 91, which is scheduled to go down in a few weeks. While UFC 91 could certainly use him (let’s be honest, the card is weak), I doubt the UFC would be able to find him a suitable opponent on short notice. Not to mention, who the hell wants to fight Anderson Silva when he’s out to prove a point? Meanwhile, Cote is going to undergo surgery knee surgery and will likely be out for six to eight months killing any chance of the rematch no one wants to see, at least for now. As for who is responsible for Cote’s knee injury? That would be Mr. Bud Light.

—Roy Nelson is still upset about the BS stand-up during his fight against Andrei Arlovski. He has someone new to blame though besides the ref. Apparently, Nelson is suggesting that Jared Shaw either instructed the refs before the fights or yelled at them during to stand the fight up. $kala? No way…c’mon Roy, why would ever think that? Oh, and Nelson also thinks 7 out of 10 mixed martial artists are on steroids. Roy, however, is definitely not.

—Cesar Gracie and Monte Cox are good managers. Instead of letting their clients float in bankruptcy purgatory, they have taken the proactive approach by filing for a breach of contract with ProElite for Robbie Lawler (Cox), Nick Diaz (Gracie), and Jake Shields (Gracie). The theory is ProElite has thirty days to prove they can fulfill the contracts, which they can’t, and if ProElite doesn’t comply they will become free agents. Will it work? With our legal system, who the hell knows, but we’re keeping our fingers for them. As for where these guys are going it’s still uncertain. There’s been a lot of talk about Lawler going to the UFC, but Cox believes the best money deals are going to come from other organizations so that might not happen. As for Diaz, it looks like he’s going to end up fighting in Japan on NYE where he is free to do so regardless of his contract status in the US, although it hasn’t been decided if he will be fighting on FEG’s Dynamite!! 2008 card or WVR’s Sengoku card. The UFC is still looking like a very good possibility for Shields.

Randy Couture is happy with the way his training camp is going. He says he’s not worried about Brock Lesnar’s size.

“The more I can make a big guy like that move and make him work, and threaten to take him down … just because he’s 270 pounds doesn’t mean I can’t take him down. I’ve taken down bigger guys,” Couture said. “So, I can create that threat and that fear in his mind that he’s going to end up on the bottom, which is someplace he’s not used to being. Those are things that I can focus on, and use speed and mobility and those things as advantages for me.”

We’ll find out in a couple weeks. I’m taking Couture without hesitation by the way.

Cro Cop says the rematch with Alistair Overeem is set for the K-1 Dynamite!! 2008 show on NYE, but he will be coming in with an injury. It’s not his balls though he’s worried about, it’s his knee. It apparently need to be operated on but if he got the surgery done now, he wouldn’t make the end of the year date, so he’s opted to wait until after the fight. It also sounds like the fear of losing is still affecting his mindset. I have a feeling his head is going to affect him much more than his knee will on NYE. My advice Cro Cop, just say fuck it, let it all hang out (except your nuts), and let the cards fall where they will. Some people still believe you have it in you.

—It appears Nate Diaz won’t be fighting at UFC Fight Night 16 like previously rumored. UFC 94 looks like a possibility though.

—Check this quote out from the South Florida Sun Sentinel via FightOpinion.

Slice, who spent Thursday at one of his children’s school career day, is weighing his options with his agent Mike Imber. He may fight on the DREAM K-1 New Year’s Eve show in Japan, possibly a rematch with Petruzelli.

Kimbo vs Seth II! In Japan!! Where it’s acceptable to make shady deals behind closed doors!!! YES!!!!

—Saved the best for last, although it’s pretty hard to beat the last one. Fightlinker has decided Matt Lindland needs some assistance with his political campaign. Their first order of business is reworking his ad strategy. Just take a look for yourself (definitely NSFW).