While Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta can make a strong argument that the current economic crisis actually helps pay-per-view revenues, they can’t say the same about ticket sales. UFC 91 is supposed to be mother of all UFC events with the mother of all UFC fights—Randy Couture vs. Brock Lesnar. It’s supposed to sell well over a million pay-per-view buys and break live gate records.

Well, there’s still the possibility of the show breaking pay-per-view records, but it doesn’t look like their going hit their lofty live gate targets. From Dave Meltzer via MMA Payout:

The 11/15 Las Vegas show with Randy Couture vs. Brock Lesnar, which should have been a first weekend sellout, due to the combination of the high prices and economy is at 8,000 sold for $3 million, and also moving slowly since only the $500 and up seats are left. There are casinos who have purchased tickets that don’t figure into that number, which is the ticket outlet numbers. But it was scaled to break the all-time UFC gate record of $5.4 million and right now it looks like they are going to have to cut deals or paper to sellout the 14,000 plus seats at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

All it takes is one good look at the map above to see how ridiculous prices are in relation to the sections on the map. The $75 ticket holders are going to be nearly hanging from the ceiling, and you’re still way up there for $500. Who can afford that these days? For those who can, how many are actually willing to part with it?

Apparently, not many.

[UPDATE 10/31/08 3:51PM ET]Dave Meltzer has an update on ticket sales for UFC 91. Not only are they still slow, UFC 92 is even worse! (Via MMAPayout.com)

Lesnar- Couture, as of a week or so ago, was at 8,000 paid and $3.1 million, so tickets still aren’t moving with only $500 and more expensive seats left. With casino buys and such, the gate will end up comfortably north of $4 million, which would be among the biggest in history, but this was expected to break the $5,397,000 record……Tickets are now on sale for the 12/27 Las Vegas show… We don’t have numbers, other than the Internet presale was way slower than for Lesnar-Couture and for any of the major Vegas shows.