Randy CoutureThere’s an old saying – never mix business with pleasure. When the “pleasure” goes sour, the business relationship suffers. Well, that’s sorta what’s happened with Affliction and Randy Couture, except instead of mixing business with pleasure, they tried to mix business with more business.

As you probably already know, Couture’s clothing line “Xtreme Couture” is an Affliction brand. When the mythical Randy-Fedor fight actually looked like a possibility, Affliction was the front-runner to host the match. Of course, Randy re-signed with the UFC and Affliction’s big fight went out the window. Tom Atencio tried to play it off like Affliction was fine with it, however, during that infamous Scott Ferrall interview, the unknown “t-shirt guy” from Affliction (everyone’s reporting him as co-founder Todd Beard, Dana White says it wasn’t Beard, Randy refers to him as Beard below, can’t tell you for sure who the hell he is) expressed Affliction’s true feelings about Randy when he said this, “I gotta be honest right now, and Randy if you’re listening, I hope fucking Lesnar kills you.”

Naturally, Randy caught wind of the comments, and it doesn’t sound like he’s too happy about it.

“I really don’t understand where Todd Beard’s coming from in his attack to me, my wife, and my attorney, and now the Ferttitas and Lorenzo specifically, and Dana White. I don’t understand it. He feels there’s this adversarial relationship created and I just don’t get it. It’s gone beyond kind of the antics of being a promoter, so we’ll see how all that unfolds, and where the relationship stands, and where we end up with that down the road.

“Frankly, it’s a bunch of crap and I don’t need anymore crap in my life, so focus on the positive, which is this fight which is in two weeks and let the rest of that stuff go.”

Haven’t heard any attacks on Randy’s wife and his lawyers, so there must be more to this. Anyways, like I mentioned above, if one aspect of their business relationship sours, the other is certainly going to suffer, and judging from these comments from Couture, it looks like that’s exactly what is happening.

“Obviously the brand is important to me. I’ve spent going on 12 years developing the reputation and the name of Xtreme Couture and Affliction helped build that, distribute that, manufacture that, and build it into a reputable clothing line. The crossover’s where things get a little hazy, so I don’t know what’s going to happen with that.”

“It’s certainly going to be affected. The relationship’s already been affected by Todd Beard’s demeanor and some of the things he’s said, so that’s all up in the air.”

My, oh my, how quickly things go south. I think it’s safe to say Affliction won’t be getting a Xmas card from the Couture’s this year.

[UPDATE 10/31/08 3:58PM ET]Bloody Elbow believes they’ve found the missing piece of this whole Affliction-Randy Couture-UFC drama—the “threat” of a lawsuit.

This makes it sound like Dana and Lorenzo threatened to take a hit out on his family, but of course that is not what happened. Sources indicate to Bloody Elbow that the “threat” is a threat of a lawsuit. One of the biggest unreported stories out of the year long Randy Couture saga is Randy Couture’s deposition. Randy’s new contract gives him immunity, but there is supposedly some damning information that came out for other parties. I suspect that we will eventually see the UFC file a suit against Affliction for tampering with Randy Couture’s contract. Regardless of whether they did it, it’s hardly something Affliction needs right now.

Yeah, so basically the wife got tired of her husband, finds a new boyfriend at work that likes her as much as she likes him, they got a little too close and crossed the line, the husband finds out, the wife decides it’s too risky to leave her husband, doesn’t want to lose her security, she tells the husband everything, husband forgives her, and he goes after the boyfriend.

So yeah, never mix business with pleasure.