Big John McCarthyBig John McCarthy is back. According to, on Nov. 21 at Strikeforce “Destruction,” McCarthy will return to the profession that made him famous for the first time in 11 months.

Big John had this to say about his return.

“I missed doing it. Sometimes when you walk away from something and you think it’s time, once you’re away you realize what you’re missing –- it’s kind of like why guys come back to fighting. It’s what I like doing. It’s what I was meant to do.”

Since the Strikeforce card will take place in California, McCarthy will be working for the CSAC for this particular event. Considering previous reports that the NSAC and the UFC have issues with Big John, it still appears unclear when we’ll hear “Let’s get it on!” from the Octagon in Vegas again, but this is certainly a good start. Mixed martial arts clearly needs all the competent referees it can get, and no one is better than McCarthy.

Welcome back, Big John.