Shonie CarterWe’ve all done some pretty stupid things while we were drunk in our lives. When I was in high school I drove my truck through an irrigation canal thinking I could get to the other side. I didn’t. It sunk. Yeah, stupid, I know. It makes for a good story now though, but not nearly as good as the latest predicament Shonie Carter has gotten himself into.

I couldn’t even come close to telling the story like Carter tells it, so here it is his own words from the UG.

Ok last time I was in california when it all starterd, but this time I have really messed up! I was out one night pARTYING IT UP AND BEFORE I knew it, I am on a private jet. I laughed at first and passed out on the plane. I woke up in istanbul, turkey. The reason I know because I am looking at the Black sea! WTF! I got a ride to bulgarian/ turkish border looking for American Embassy. Does anybody have any ideas on how to get back? The onetime I leave my friggin passport at home I need the damned thing! Somebody let bodybag76 and Immaculata know to message me here please! I am in hotel business center and my 2 cellphones don’t work. I forgot all about that! Help me
Mr. International

Yeah, best drunk story…ever. Judging by Shonie’s latest post in the thread, he is currently in Sofia, Bulgaria trying to find the US embassy. Never a dull moment.

If you have a story that can top Shonie’s or is even as remotely as good, please share in the comments.

While we’re on the topic, it appears Hermes Franca also got himself into a little trouble last night. Following last night’s WEC event, Franca was arrested in Jupiter, Florida for DUI. However, there are questions of whether or not Franca was actually intoxicated. From MMA Rated:

Reed Wallace, who represents Franca at the Florida-based White Chocolate Management, told that his client was not under the influence.

“He was very tired when he was driving and was falling asleep at the wheel,” Wallace said. “He did not take any drugs or alcohol.”

Wallace attended last night’s WEC 36 in Hollywood, Fla., with Franca.

“(The police) released him on his on own recognisant,” Wallace said, “which means they probably realized he was not under the influence. If he was, they would have set bail.”

It’s unclear at the moment if Franca will still be charged.