Here’s the full video for Rashad Evan’s Microsoft commercial. The fact that a company like MS is willing to acknowledge and use mixed martial arts in their marketing strategy really is a testament to how far the sport has come since the “human cockfighting” days.

Seeing the rapid progression stemming from the new image of the sport the UFC has done so well in projecting begs the question though, why are they continuously willing to put that image in jeopardy for the sake of ratings for TUF? I’ll be honest, I barely watch the show anymore. I literally just can’t stand the hypocrisy of it. And that was no more evident than what took place on last night’s episode. It may not be as damaging as StandGate to the sport, but it certainly doesn’t do it any favors either. Dana can condemn EliteXC for using Kimbo as a freak show all he wants, but the garbage he allows to air on television on a weekly basis isn’t any better.

Props to MMA Fanhouse for the video find