Flex Magazine Randy Couture & Brock LesnarWe’re a week away from the big fight, so expect to see a ton of articles, videos, promotion etc. for Couture vs. Lesnar across the web this week. For starters, here’s Randy and Brock on the cover of Flex Magazine. MMA Junkie has two articles up today recapping a UFC 91 media conference call. Here’s a couple quotes.

Randy Couture:

“Obviously with a guy Brock’s size and with his athletic ability and mobility, those are things you certainly consider when training and formulating a gameplan to face that opponent,” Couture said. “I don’t believe I’ve fought anybody Brock’s size other than Tim (Sylvia). (Gabriel) Gonzaga is a little bit smaller.

“I fought a couple of big guys back in the day, but I don’t think any of them were as big as Brock either. (But) both of my recent fights have been against guys that were pretty large. I think he’s going to outweigh me by about 35 pounds, so those are things that I’ve trained and prepared to deal with.”

Brock Lesnar:

“I’m at peace with my life. I’m at peace with God. I’m at peace with my family, and I’m at peace in the fight game right now. Whether I come across cocky or confident, take it either way that you think it’s coming across. I’m enjoying my life, and I’ve had a great training camp.”

“I’m not just blowing smoke. I know how to wrestle. The bigger guys that Randy has fought — which is Tim and Gonzaga — aren’t half the athlete that I am as a wrestler, or as a fighter I don’t think.”

“I’m at peace with my life.” Lesnar sounds like he’s saying his final words on death row. So dramatic… Two new videos are also floating around out there. KCAL has a preview of the fight, and video of Brock and Randy’s appearance on ESPN’s Mike And Mike In The Morning when the fight was announced has finally surfaced.

—Following Paulo Filho’s failure to make weight, he promised he would hand over his WEC Middleweight Championship belt if Sonnen were to defeat him. That didn’t happen, however, Filho is still going to make good on his promise. Filho has taken a ton of heat for his abysmal performance on Wednesday night, but as everyone knows he’s also been battling depression and chemical dependency, which is the reason why one of Fightlinker’s readers thinks everyone needs to stop all the criticism. I couldn’t agree more.

GracieMag.com has an interview up with Shogun talking about his upcoming rematch against Mark Coleman. They also have a story up with Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira claiming Affliction is trying to sign Ricardo Arona.

“It’s not just Brazilian fans who are looking forward to a return from Arona. The folks at Affliction have already sent a message through my brother Rogerio [Minotouro]. ‘We would like to hire Arona, we want to see him fighting in our events, you may tell him that – we want to negotiate with Arona now,” the Brazilian revealed.

—Tito Ortiz is doing his best to stay in the headlines. Now, he’s claiming he’ll definitely be back fighting in July for either Affliction or the UFC. Sure you will, Tito.

CSAC Executive Officer Armando Garcia will officially resign from his position at a commission meeting on November 18. Sean Sherk and Fightlinker will be hosting the after party.

Can Jon Fitch punch through a coffin?

—Last but not least, Gina Carano knows how to party. (Pics)