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The story of ProElite’s demise doesn’t know which way it wants to go. First, they ran out of money and their lifeline decided to dump them. They’re supposedly filing for bankruptcy, except they don’t. Then, several fighters file for breach of contract to which ProElite responds with, “we’re running events in 2009.” Showtime is pissed because ProElite owes them a ton of money, so they file to hold a public auction to sell off all of ProElite’s assets, including fighter contracts, to recoup as much money as possible. ProElite says Showtime can’t do that and threatens to file a lawsuit to block the sale. Meanwhile, fighters’ agents are pulling out the laterns and pitchforks.

And now, get this, former King of the Cage president Terri Trebilcock not only believes ProElite’s death was called prematurely, but also that ProElite and CBS/Showtime will be working together again, with his promotion perhaps stepping in where EliteXC left off. From MMA Weekly:

“My gut feeling is that all the talk out there will turn into things that never ended up happening,” Trebilcock said.

Despite all appearances to the contrary, Trebilcock says ProElite, CBS, and Showtime are talking on a daily basis and want to continue their working relationship. It’s a fragile situation, but all sides agree that a protracted court battle is not the best option. According to Trebilcock, Champion’s leadership has pulled Showtime and CBS back from all-out war with ProElite.

Though he won’t go into details, Trebilcock hints his promotion may fill the void left by EliteXC.

“My guess would be (ProElite) is not going to have to declare bankruptcy to stop (the auction). My strongest gut feeling at this point is that King of the Cage, ProElite, and CBS will be working together next year.”

I don’t even know what to say at this point other than to ask, what’s next?