Wanderlei Silva vs Quinton Jackson III

There may be more on the line come Dec. 27 for Wanderlei Silva and Quinton Jackson than merely answering the question of whether or not Wandy just has Rampage Jackson’s number. It also looks like a title shot could go to the winner, or at least Wandy thinks so if he wins.

Speaking to Fighters Only at the weekend, Silva said that he understands he will get a crack at the belt if he gets past the former champion.

The Jackson fight “is a very, very good opportunity for me for me to fight for the title,” he said. “I think after I beat Rampage, it may be possible I fight with the champion.”

While the article makes no mention of Quinton getting a title shot if he wins, one would have to think that is a distinct possibility. Let’s not forget Jackson vs. Griffin was an extremely close fight. So close, in fact, many fans and writers, including myself, believed Jackson had won the fight and deserved an immediate rematch (at least until he played bumper cars in LA traffic). If Jackson is able to overcome the man that destroyed him twice, it certainly won’t be a hard sell to give him next crack at the belt.

If this is the UFC’s master plan, which likely has Lyoto Machida as its perpetual plan B, it appears the Silva-Jackson winner will end facing the winner of the UFC 92 main event which just happens to be for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship. Either Forrest Griffin or Rashad Evans is going to be the title holder following UFC 92, and if it’s Griffin, don’t worry, Wandy isn’t going to let their relationship in the gym get in the way of fighting him in the Octagon.

“I train and spar with Forrest, I am his best sparring partner and he is mine. It is sad situation, to train with some guys it is possible I will have to fight in the future, but it is no problem,” he explains.

“I am a professional and he is a professional. I like him, he is a very nice guy. Outside the Octagon, I am his friend, but inside the Octagon it is a business, a job.”

UFC 91 may have one hell of an intriguing headliner, but that event can’t hold a candle to UFC 92. Two title fights and the third fight in a trilogy between two of the sport’s most exciting fighters for a title shot…doesn’t get much better than that, at least not for a UFC card.