Tito Ortiz is opening his mouth again, but is anything coming out? Over the weekend, he “guaranteed” he would be fighting again in July for either the UFC or Affliction. Of course, he’s already cried wolf one too many times to take him seriously at this point, so excuse us if we’re not buying it.

Then today comes this video interview with Tito. He basically says the same thing, but as MDS pointed out, he did say something interesting about Affliction.

“We’ll see where I go,” Ortiz said. “I just want to fight for all my fans out there who buy the pay-per-view, or, if I go to Affliction, see me free on CBS.”

Does Tito know something we don’t know, or is he just talking about rumors as if they were fact? Considering the source, we’re going to go with the latter, but Affliction on CBS certainly isn’t far-fetched, so who knows.