Todd BeardIt looks like the story of Todd Beard is coming to a close. According to a press release on, Affliction has received and accepted the Affliction co-founder’s resignation.

SEAL BEACH, Calif., Nov 14, 2008 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — The board of directors of Affliction Inc. announced today that it received and accepted the resignation of Todd Beard as an employee of the company. Mr. Beard is one of the original founders of the clothing company based in Seal Beach, California. The resignation coincides with a public apology for comments made by Mr. Beard and directed toward Randy Couture and his wife Kim Couture regarding their business relationship.

Mr. Beard also disclosed that he will be seeking treatment for anger management and alcohol abuse.

According to Mr. Beard, “I would like to apologize for my comments that may have offended Kim and Randy Couture and Mr. Spira. I had a long-standing relationship with the Coutures and I was deeply and emotionally hurt by some of their recent business decisions. I have only the best of intentions for the success of the Affliction and Xtreme Couture clothing brands and understand that there are personal issues I must address.”

According to the board of directors, “We are delighted Todd has decided to address these issues and wish Randy Couture well.”

The Board of directors of Affliction Inc. also wanted to clarify that Affliction Entertainment Group LLC. (the promotion company) is not controlled by Affliction Inc. Mr. Beard to its knowledge, is nether an officer, director, or a shareholder of Affliction Entertainment Group LLC. as stated in several periodicals.

The truth is I have no idea how instrumental Todd Beard was into taking the idea of skulls and crossbones and turning it into the hit fashion trend among young men across the country. One would think it would take someone fairly rough around the edges to pull it off, so perhaps he was a major reason for their success.

In the end though, it appeared Beard was still the same criminal he was back in the nineties. Obviously once his past (and present) was made public, absolutely nothing good was going to come out of it for Affliction. I’m sure he’s good friends with Tom and whoever else is behind the scenes at Affliction, but it was a critical move they had no choice but to make if they wanted their promotion and likely their clothing company (the bread winner) to survive.

I suppose Affliction doesn’t have to worry about losing their partnerships now, well, at least not on the account of Todd Beard.

Real quick, while we’re on the topic of struggling promotions (sort of), Sam Caplan is reporting that Showtime has postponed the ProElite auction that was scheduled for Monday. Perhaps, the union of agents banding together and threatening legal action against any auctioned off contracts made them think twice. Whatever the reason, hopefully it leads to freedom for the fighters sooner rather than later.

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[UPDATE 11/14/08 6:10PM ET] – Affliction Ent. COO and Trump’s special counsel, Michael D. Cohen, told that the Todd Beard situation never jeopardized Trump’s relationship with Affliction. Apparently, since Beard was not a part of Affliction Entertainment, Trump’s gaming license would not have been in jeopardy.

“Anyway you slice it, it’s wrong and there should be a retraction. Beard is not and never has been a shareholder, officer, director or board member of Affliction Entertainment.”

“Mr. Trump remains committed to continuing with Affliction Entertainment and becoming the premiere mixed martial arts league. Mr. Trump is also looking forward to the January event.”

“He’s not in any jeopardy of even having his gaming license questioned as to his relationship with Affliction.”

No harm, no foul?