Fedor Emelianenko SamboFedor Emelianenko did something this past weekend for the first time in years—he lost. But not in MMA, in Combat Sambo. We briefly mentioned this yesterday when Fightlinker posted the initial report, and now it appears details are starting to surface. Apparently, Fedor faced Bulgaria’s Blagoi Ivanov, a man he already defeated once this year, and got “schooled” as MMA Mania described it in their report.

Fedor Emelianenko, widely considered the worlds top mixed martial arts fighter and king of Combat Sambo, lost to Bulgaria’s Blagoi Ivanov this past weekend by a score of 8-5 in the semifinals of the 2008 World Combat Sambo Championships in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Emelianenko and Ivanov first met back in February of 2008 at Russia’s Presidents Cup where Emelianenko outpointed the Bulgarian for his ninth straight victory in Combat Sambo competition.

Ivanov apparently used the experience to formulate a winning gameplan for their second encounter. Emelianenko was dominated from the outset and was in danger of losing 8-1 until the Russian scored a knockdown in the final minute of competition to add four points to his total.

Apparently, Fedor was classy in defeat and said the Bulgarian “beat him fair and square.”

At this point, you may be asking, how could this happen? I’m not going to lie and say I’m not wondering the same thing, but Fedor has been filming a movie in Thailand, apparently as recently as two weeks ago. Perhaps, Fedor wasn’t prepared for the competition he’s dominated for seven years.

I’ll go ahead and give Fedor the benefit of the doubt on that one, but he has a big fight coming up on January 24 against Andrei Arlovski. If a lack of preparation led to his loss, hopefully this serves as a wake-up call to remind him what got him here.

If there really is no good explanation, then heck, maybe someone needs to fly over to Bulgaria and sign this Blagoi Ivanov to a contract.

[UPDATE 11/17/08 4:07PM ET] – There’s already rumors that Affliction immediately signed Blagoi Ivanov after he beat Fedor.

Reports have emerged that Ivanov was signed by Affliction immediately after winning the tournament.

However, Fighters Only has not been able to confirm these reports with Affliction Entertainment, the promotional arm of the popular clothing company.

I have yet to find any of these reports Fighters Only mentions, but it wouldn’t surprise me. What else wouldn’t surprise me is a full denial from Affliction once someone does get a hold of them.