Chuck Liddell vs Anderson Silva Rumor

While UFC 95 has been officially announced for February 21 at the O2 Arena in London, England, there has yet to be an announcement for the main event. Early chatter pointed to Anderson Silva and Chuck Liddell appearing on the card, possibly against each other. However, that didn’t seem too likely considering a report that suggested Dana White wasn’t too thrilled about the idea, not to mention Silva hadn’t even heard about the rumor of his next opponent.

Something might have changed though, because The Sun is now reporting that Silva vs. Liddell for the main event is still a possibility.

SunSport understands Middleweight champion Anderson Silva, 33, has been asked to appear on the card, with a potential bout with light heavyweight star Chuck Liddell already being mooted.

That potentially mouthwatering clash would see The Spider step up to the 205lbs division to face 38-year-old Liddell – who is desperate to get back on the victory trail following his devastating loss to Rashad Evans at UFC 88.

Considering both fighters are ready and willing to fight anyone, it’s likely that the only roadblock to putting this fight together is Dana White and the UFC’s feelings on the match. If they want to make it, all they likely have to do is pull the trigger. If so, England is going to get one hell of a fight.

I’m still not sold, however, that this is the best business decision for the UFC, and certainly wouldn’t be surprised if the fight doesn’t get made. Chuck is still one of the UFC’s most marketable stars, but has a limited shelf life at this point. He’s lost three out of his last four, and putting him against Silva could easily push that tally to four out of his last five. It would seem wiser to match him up with someone who isn’t a human wrecking machine and let him build up a win or two before making the super fight. As for Silva, they’ve been heavily pushing him as the world’s pound-for-pound king. If he lost to Liddell, that would all go out the window. Each scenario comes with a huge upside, but no matter what happens, the UFC will be sacrificing something as well.

Of course, who knows how much longer Chuck has left in him and Anderson could end up losing to a different opponent, so perhaps they should just put it together while they can.

All that said, it’s definitely a fight I would like to see. Right now, there really isn’t any middleweight match-up for Anderson that would get me too excited, so if Silva moves up to light heavyweight to face anyone in the top ten, you better believe my eyes will be glued to the screen.