Paulo FilhoNo surprises here. Following an abysmal performance against Chael Sonnen at WEC 36, Paulo Filho has been released from his Zuffa contract. Dave Meltzer was the first to report the possibility in this week’s edition on The Wrestling Observer.

Cage Potato, however, was able to confirm the news with Filho’s manager, Ed Soares, earlier today.

“It’s true. We’ve received paperwork that they’re releasing him from his contract. The WEC’s been great throughout everything, but it’s understandable. He’s had a rough year. We have faith that he’ll be back. I still believe he’s one of the best middleweights in the world.”

I’m not going to lie, when I was watching his last fight, I got pretty fired about what I was watching unfold, or better yet not unfold, in front of my eyes. After cooling off though and taking his personal problems into consideration, I’ve been a little more understanding. I hope Filho takes this time to deal with whatever problems he has and worries about fighting again after that. I’m sure if Filho overcomes his demons and comes back better than ever, Zuffa will likely take him back with open arms. After all, he wasn’t widely regarded as the second best middleweight in the world for nothing.