The press tour for the UFC 94 GSP vs. Penn II super fight kicked off earlier today in Canada. The inevitable question of whether or not the winner will fight Anderson Silva was asked. Dana White’s answer? YES!…sort of…but only if GSP wins. Penn, on the other hand, is just going to have to be satisfied with two belts if he pulls out the victory.

Back to GSP, White didn’t specify when the fight would happen, but the general presumption is that the fight would go down sometime in 2009. Hopefully the latter half, because there happens to be a welterweight wrecking machine patiently waiting in the wings. His name’s Thiago Alves. You may have heard of him.

Quick Update: Apparently, there were three more parts to the press conference. I’ve added them in the video player above. The topic of Gina Carano came up at one point and Dana said he willing to sign Gina Carano to fight for the WEC, which would be great, but I’m not sold that it’s going to happen, at least not anytime soon. First of all, Gina still has to be freed from her ProElite contract. Second of all, Gina’s already stated that she is going to go with the highest money offer, and I find it hard to believe the WEC is going to outbid Affliction. Zuffa is not going to get in a bidding war with an organization they believe is going to fold soon, so while we may see Gina in the WEC at some point, I highly doubt it’s going to be anytime soon. Unless of course, Affliction doesn’t want her anymore.

Props to MMA Rated for the find