If you’ve been following Cung Le since his big win over Frank Shamrock, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he’s spending all his time making movies instead fighting. If that leaves you disappointed, you’re not alone, and I wish I could tell you he’s done with all that, it was a great experience, but all he really wants to do is fight. If I did though, I’d just be lying.

Apparently, Cung Le has three more movies lined up, so it’s safe to say he won’t be defending his shiny Strikeforce belt anytime soon. And what happens after those three, three more? I don’t know, it’s depressing, but on the other hand, can’t really knock the guy for it either. It’s probably a much easier life day-to-day with even more reward.

There’s definitely this new trend of fighters getting acting gigs, which is great, but lets just hope they don’t take it to same level as Cung is.

CR: MMA Rated via CagePotato