Sean SherkA lot of quiet and some not so quiet celebrations took place when it was announced that former CSAC Executive Director Armando Garcia was “resigning.” After Sean Sherk’s highly publicized steroid case with the CSAC last year, and his subsequent proclamation that he would never fight again in the state of California because of the way he was treated, you would think Sherk would be one of those people celebrating. Well, if that’s what you thought, you were right, sort of. Sherk is very happy that Armando Garcia is gone as he tells Five Oz. of Pain.

Yeah, I mean, definitely. There’s no love lost there. That’s definitely music to my ears. I felt he obviously handled my case very, very poorly and he had handled many other fights very poorly. And he handled the UFC poorly.

You know, the UFC hasn’t been back in California since July of ‘07, after my fight. UFC 73 was the last time they had been there. Now, if the UFC leaves your state and refuses to come back, there’s a reason for that. So there’s a lot of things going on there and there’s a reason why he resigned. It’s not coincidence; there’s a reason why he resigned and rightfully so.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean everything is fine now. He’s not exactly satisfied to the point where he would consider fighting there again.

To be honest with you, I think there needs to be a little more change. Armando was the big problem, obviously, but there’s other people on the commission’s board that I believe if they were to take over, they’d do about the same job as he did. I think there needs to be more change and only time will tell. I’m not going to run back and fight in California and take a chance of going through the same thing I just went through. I’m just going to wait and see what happens. It’s going to take some time.

Sean doesn’t mention any names but one person already making some major changes is, Bill Douglas, the newly appointed Assistant Executive Director. What big change is Bill Douglas making you may ask? He’s cancelling all drug testing. Yep. No drug testing in the state of California. That would have to be enough to get Sherk to come back, right? I mean he can’t test positive, or false positive if you ask him, if you never get tested, right? Ok, well, I’m only giving you half of the story.

It’s true Douglas did cancel testing. In fact, no one on the Strikeforce “Destruction” card from this past weekend was tested. But that’s only temporary while Douglas revamps the CSAC’s drug testing procedures.

“I’ve cancelled all drug testing across the board while I revamp the entire process from start to finish,” Mr. Douglas wrote in an email. “I expect the new and improved program to roll out next week.”

Hopefully, whatever “new and improved” process that Douglas comes up with really is new and improved, because seriously, California always seems to be pumping out more positive tests than anyone else that immediately get shrouded in controversy. And once he’s finished with that, he needs to come up with an appeals process. I’m not going label that process “new and improved” though, because I’m still not convinced they’ve ever even had one.