Mirko Cro Cop & Alistair Overeem DREAM.6 Weigh-Ins

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The ongoing feud between Mirko Cro Cop and Alistair Overeem has been anything but dull. Overeem has called Cro Cop out more times than I can keep track of. His latest move was to tell Sherdog.com that Cro Cop didn’t want to fight him NYE and refused to sign the contract. Well, like every other time Overeem has opened his mouth, Cro Cop has responded once again.

In this Croatian article, translated by Robert at Free Fight Videos, Mirko says it’s not up to him, it’s up to the matchmakers.

Mirko Responds to Overeem
After another jap by Alaisteir Overeem over the weekend, Cro Cop contacted Nova TV to tell us his side of the story. In short phone interview Cro Cop tells us why the NYE rematch hasn’t been signed yet.

The acquisitions keep upcoming from Alaister Overeems camp. The Dutchmen claims that Mirko is deliberately refusing to sign the contract that would make the NYE bout official.

The Croatian fighter vehemently denied those accusations to us in a short phone interview.

“Overeem is a fool. He knows too well that is up to the individual organizations to set-up any match-ups. I’m in a difficult situation as I don’t know who to prepare for in this upcoming bout. I’m not sure with which sparing partners to go with.

Cro Cop wasn’t done though. Apparently, he’s getting a little tired of Alistair running his mouth. In another article, also translated by Robert at Free Fight Videos, Cro Cop issues a challenge to Overeem.

Cro Cop Want to Fight Overeem…In His Basement

Mirko Filipovic’s patience has run out. We can’t remember the last time Mirko called us to make a statement. But apparently Overeem’s last comments were the final straw.

“I don’t like the war of words but Alistair has called me out so many times, which by the way the internet media havs gladly reported about, that I fell my silence would just confirm his acquisitions.”

The Croatian fighter decided to issue a challenge to Overeem. He’s challenging him to a fight in his home basement in Zagreb.

“I don’t want the public to think that I’m afraid of him, if Overeem doesn’t want to wait for New year’s eve or some other date next year to fight me. If he doesn’t believe I don’t get to choose my opponent and that maybe Dream doesn’t want us to fight on New year then he can come to Zagreb next weekend and we can fight in my cage with neutral referees.”

We’ll set up accommodation for him and his team and Nova TV can set up a live coverage of the fight which could be seen on the internet around the globe.”

“Should he not show up I urge him to stop calling me out until the rematch happens. He has an opportunity stand behind his words. We’ll fight for honor.”

For honor?! That’s serious business right there. No one fights just for honor anymore. Pretty soon, some shitty action movie producer is going to beating down their doors to option the movie rights. It could be like that crappy Rocky movie, you know, part five, where Rocky beats the hell out of Tommy Morrison on the streets of Philly. They could call it Never Back Down. Wait, never mind…I guess that one’s already taken.

For now, let’s just hope these two meet on NYE and settle their grudge. I like a little good old fashioned smack talk as much as the next guy, but this one has been dragging on for way too long. One way or another they need to fight, and soon.