Kimbo SliceSince I know you’re all dying to know what’s going to happen with Kimbo Slice, I thought I would pass along this update from Zach Arnold over at Fight Opinion on everyone’s favorite bearded fighter’s future. Most speculation and common sense has pointed him in the direction of the land of the rising sun, and if this report is accurate, that looks exactly like where he is headed.

Omasuki Fight has a note from a Tokyo Sports mobile news update, which claims that Kimbo Slice could appear at K-1’s 12/6 Yokohama Arena event to announce his future participation for the organization (starting in March of 2009). The name of Slice’s first opponent being floated? Badr Hari.

Kimbo fighting under K-1 rules really isn’t that bad of an idea. He doesn’t have to worry about be taken down, etc. However, matching up with Badr Hari in his first fight? That’s brutal. Hope he at least gets his paycheck on time for the sacrifice.