Lorenzo FertittaThe Atlantic published a really good interview with Lorenzo Fertitta on everything from details on Zuffa’s beginnings with the UFC to Dana White to fighter pay. It’s definitely worth ten minutes of your time if you have it. It’s pretty long so I’m not going go through all the questions, but I did want to bring the last question and Lorenzo’s response to your attention.

Remember the Rickson Gracie interview from last week where he said a comeback fight was a possibility if it was big enough. Who knows if he was really being serious or not, but I can tell you that there’s one man who’s serious about facilitating such a fight—Lorenzo Fertitta.

DS: When you hear Rickson Gracie talk about how, at the age of 47 or whatever he is now, that he could beat the crap out of these UFC fighters that he sees on TV now, is that an older man’s understandable vanity? Or is he telling the truth?

LF: Let’s do it! I mean, that’s the ultimate test, that’s what I said, right? Let’s find out! If that’s the truth, then let’s find out! I mean, don’t just say it. Let’s do it!

I’m giving this a one in ten chance of ever actually happening, but let’s say it does. Anyone want to play match maker? Who would you book against Rickson Gracie?

By the way, The Atlantic also has pieces up on Rampage Jackson, BJ Penn, and Arianny Celeste.

Props to MMA Payout and Bloody Elbow for the interview finds