Tim SylviaFedor Emelianenko may have broken Tim Sylvia’s face, but he didn’t break his will to fight. We haven’t heard much from Tim since his 36 second loss to Fedor back in July, but that doesn’t mean he’s not looking for his next fight, and according to Sherdog, that may happen sooner rather than later, and likely in Japan.

The former UFC heavyweight champion is prepared to fight in Japan in roughly 30 days. Sylvia’s manager, Monte Cox, is actively seeking a fight for “The Maine-iac” on K-1 and Dream’s co-promoted “Premium 2008 Dynamite” card on Dec. 31 or World Victory Road’s Sengoku event on Jan. 4. Cox said Sylvia has been granted a certificate of eligibility to participate in either promotion.

According to the report, Sylvia had wanted to fight on Affliction’s January card, but it Affliction apparently passed. Hmm…I wonder why. There’s probably like 800,000 reasons, it’s really anyone’s guess.

With Affliction out of the picture, Japan would be the obvious choice, and quite honestly, he’s much more likely to get a little love from the Japanese fans than he has here in North America. Don’t make me explain why.

Japan could open up the opportunity for some good match-ups as well. If he signs with FEG, Alistair Overeem and Mirko Cro Cop are both looking for opponents on NYE. Each would be quality fights we’ve yet to see. If they want to go the freak show route, Hong Man Choi is still without an opponent. Yeah, don’t even pretend like you wouldn’t watch. You have to admit, that would be interesting, maybe not for the right reasons, but interesting nonetheless. If he ends up in Sengoku, Antonio Silva just signed to fight on their Jan. 4 event. That one could be interesting as well.

What’s not interesting at all, not even in the least bit, is the match-up his manager, Monte Cox, has been trying to put together. I don’t even want to say it…Ken Shamrock. The good news is it was going to be on a show you’ve never heard of, XP3 Promotions, and even better, Shamrock’s people turned it down. Here’s Tim’s reasoning for wanting the fight.

“I love to fight and a fight’s a fight. He’s a Hall of Famer. He’s a legend. To progress your career you always have to fight somebody like that.

“I don’t know if he’s a stepping stone or anything, but he’s been on some of the same cards I’ve been on and he’s been highlighted over me, so I want to let people that I am better than this guy and there’s no reason he should have been highlighted over me.”

Tim, my advice? Just let that one lie. It’s not going to do anything for you. The fans here have unfortunately made up there minds. Go to Japan, pose for some pictures, knock someone out, and you’ll be a star, trust me.