This is funny. Remember that promotion you’ve never heard of, XP3, that was trying to put together that ridiculous Tim Sylvia vs. Ken Shamrock fight? The one that was at least assumed to be held on a local/regional level? You couldn’t have forgotten, the news only broke 24 hours ago. Well, maybe you did, but anyways, apparently negotiations are still taking place to book the match, but here’s the kicker. They’re trying to put it on pay-per-view!

Here’s the press release for proof.


In regards to rumors of UFC Former Heavyweight Champion Tim Sylvia and MMA legend Ken Shamrock coming together for the first time, Xp3 Promotions and UFS President Posh Caplan says that the Xp3 event, Unified Fight Sports 1 “Vindication” which was scheduled to be held in Houston in December, has been rescheduled for March and is to air a Live Spring Break In-Demand pay-per-view event in Florida, date pending venue confirmation.

Posh will say only that the Sylvia vs. Shamrock fight is in negotiation. She confirms that Tim Sylvia and his manager Monte Cox have accepted the terms, and that Shamrock’s manager and Shamrock Promotions CEO Bill McFarlane has given written confirmation to UFS and In-Demand, that negotiations are currently in progress.

This event also looks to bring Joe Riggs and Nick Diaz to the cage and letters of intent have been signed, but may be revisited pending the length of recovery for Riggs’ surgery for a broken hand.

Negotiations have been agreed upon for three former UFC heavyweights: Tim Sylvia, Jeff Monson, and Ricco Rodriguez, as well as for UFC veterans Travis Lutter, Justin Eilers, Brad Imes, Sherman Pendergarst, and, likely, Joe Doerksen and MTV’s Kit Kope.

Posh says that the Unified Fight Sports event will combine the MMA fight event with a top concert performance [Ed. Note: More proof that learning from others’ mistakes and common sense are not a requirement to be a MMA promoter. What’s next? Seven-figure salaries?] bringing MMA to the mainstream while maintaining the integrity of the sport and promoting these world class athletes. Posh wishes to express her thanks to Monte Cox and Pat Miletich and the MMA community for their support and for making this premier event possible.

I suppose Riggs vs Diaz might be worth a look on the internet the next day, but seriously, does anything really need to be said about this? This isn’t even going to last as long as Tim did against Fedor.