Randy Couture UFCA video game, UFC 2009 Undisputed, of all things, has caused quite the ruckus in recent weeks. Jon Fitch was fired over it (for a day), Josh Koscheck may still be fired over it, and there’s even rumblings that the game may be delayed* because the UFC is having problems delivering the number of exclusive fighters they promised to THQ, which has apparently caused problems with a certain behemoth video game publisher, EA, lingering in the shadows quietly planning their own mixed martial arts game. Quite the cluster-you-know-what.

Up to this point, THQ has released a relatively short roster list, possibly only the names that have signed that now-infamous licensing agreement. But one name we haven’t seen on that list also happens to be someone who was in talks with EA during his time away from the Octagon—Randy Couture.

So the question is, what game will Randy be in, if either? You might think the UFC’s, since he’s back on Zuffa’s good side, but if Josh Gross is to be believed, which he has every reason to be, all of you Couture fans who had hoped to rewrite UFC 91 history on your television screen are going to be disappointed. In his latest mailbag, Gross mentions that Randy has signed an exclusive deal with EA.

Some fighters, like Couture, fought to retain their rights. That could pay off big time for “The Natural,” as Couture signed an exclusive agreement with EA Sports for an MMA video game. Not many guys have the leverage he does, but these are things he fought for back in 2002 when Jeremy Lappen and Peter Levin represented him. You think Couture’s glad he didn’t let those guys go?

Mystery solved? Gross is extremely reliable so there’s really no reason not to believe him, but it is a little odd that he mentions it like it’s common knowledge. Perhaps, I completely missed the boat on this one, but either way, it looks like EA Sports is your answer.

So while you won’t be able to beat up the big man, Brock Lesnar, to release all that pent up anger, maybe you’ll at least be able to dethrone the heavyweight king, Fedor Emelianenko, (if he’s in it) with your favorite 45 year old fighter. Yeah, good luck.

*Couldn’t find the link to this story. If you’re the admin/writer who had the scoop, hit me up and I’ll post the link