Affliction Golden Boy

If the possibility of competing for viewers wasn’t enough for Affliction and Golden Boy come Jan. 24, then how about competing for media attention and ticket sales too? Yep, not only will the “partners” be promoting combat sports events on the same night, they’ll be doing it only 30 miles away from each other.

It was recently announced that Golden Boy would be co-promoting the Shane Mosley-Antonio Margarito fight on the same night as Affliction’s “Day of Reckoning” card, however, the boxing match was supposed to take place in Las Vegas while Affliction’s event would go down in sunny California at the Honda Center in Anaheim. That was the plan at least until yesterday when boxing promoter Bob Arum announced The Staples Center would host the big fight.

At least Affliction could bank on a solid SoCal audience choosing to stay home and attend its MMA card at the Honda Center in Anaheim. Not so quick. Bob Arum just announced that boxing has dealt Affliction another crushing blow by putting the big boxing card just up the road at The Staples Center.

Ouch, that’s gotta sting a little, huh, Affliction?

One of two things must be going on here. Either no partnership actually exists between Affliction and Golden Boy or Golden Boy feels really confident that there is no sort of cross-over audience between the two sports. I’m going with the former.

Hell, by the way things have gone, you’d think Golden Boy was more the UFC’s partner than Affliction’s.