Kimbo Slice In JapanThis should be worth a good laugh with another long work week staring you in the face.

Kimbo is clear what he thinks Hari’s punishment should be:

“I want to fight him and teach him what sportsmanship is about….I want to give him a spanking.” As he called it, a “Spanking Match”

In case you didn’t know, Badr Hari was disqualified in the K-1 World GP Finals this past weekend for illegally stomping Remy Bonjasky in the face. Illegal strikes or not, poor Kimbo is going to get murdered if he fights Hari. I really can’t believe this is even being discussed.

Quick update: MMA Mania found this video of Kimbo commentating at the K-1 event. Watch it to the end. Yes, I know the dude in the beginning makes a really strong case to immediately turn it off, but waiting till Kimbo comes on is very well worth it.