Brandon Wolff

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Here’s a little piece of interesting information regarding tonight’s “Fights for the Troops” event you probably didn’t know about. UFC newcomer Brandon Wolff, who will be making his debut tonight against Ben Saunders, is not only an up-and-coming mixed martial artist, he’s also a former Navy SEAL.

Talk about double trouble. Brandon Wolff is a former Navy SEAL turned mixed martial arts fighter – with a twin brother who has gone down exactly the same career path.

Wolff (7-2) steps into the cage Wednesday night to make his UFC debut against Ben Saunders on the “Fight for the Troops” card in Fayetteville, N.C.

“It’s a good opportunity for me to give back to these guys.” Wolff said. “I wasn’t able to see any combat, I got out before 9-11, so a big part of me wants to give back to them and do my part. So this is one way I can do it, put on a good show for them and get ’em all fired up.”

I have to say I have great admiration for the Navy SEALS (along with all the US troops). What they go through to become one and what they’re asked to do once they are is nothing short of incredible. I’ve been privileged enough to work closely with a former SEAL before, and he wasn’t anything like you’d think. Didn’t have big muscles or a big ego. He was actually quite small and very quiet and reserved, and when the group of us was asked to do something we all hated, we’d all bitch and complain about it, yet you never heard a peep out of him. He just did what was asked. I can only imagine what he thought of us.

Anyways, I thought Wolff’s background was something you might find interesting. At the very least, now you won’t unknowingly harass him at a bar. Not only can he kick your ass in hand-to-hand combat, he also knows how to kill you a 101 different ways with a toothpick.