Michael D. CohenIf Affliction Entertainment’s COO Michael D. Cohen is to be believed, any rumors of Aleksander Emelianenko fighting on Affliction’s “Day of Reckoning” card can finally be put to rest. Cohen confirmed the news in an exclusive interview with DreamFighters.com.

Cohen also revealed he has had recent talks with the Zuffa crew. Hmm…wondering what they’re talking about.

DreamFighters.com was kind enough to give us permission to post the interview in it’s entirety.

DreamFighters.com: The 2nd Affliction show is comming up, what things can we expect different in terms of changes from the first show?

As in any new company, there are always issues that need to be tweaked for improvement. With Golden Boy Promotions working the event, I am certain that the event will be first class and even exceed the success of the first show.

DreamFighters.com: Is Ozzy still going to performing at intermission?

We have not made any decision as to this.

DreamFighters.com:WIll alexander emelianenko be fighting, and who against?

Alexander is an amazing fighter and we look forward to watching him fight one day on an Affliction card. Alexander will not be featured at the upcoming Day Of Reckoning event.

DreamFighters.com: As the COO of Affliction, do you get the chance to meet a lot of the fighters?

I do. It happens to be one of the perks of being affiliated with Trump and Affliction Entertainment. I have become quite friendly with many of the fighters and communicate with them regularly on both a personal and professional basis.

DreamFighters.com: Which fighter in whom you have met have you been the most impressed with?

I am actually impressed with many of the fighters. To name just a few, Josh Barnett is one of the funniest and most entertaining. Vitor Belfort, Tim Sylvia, Matt Lindland, Mike Whitehead…all great guys. Fedor is a little more difficult to crack due to the language barrier; even though I speak a little Russian. I can honestly say that I have met each and everyone and they are all fantastic athletes.

DreamFighters.com: Will Affliction and DREAM be cross promoting at all, simular to Affliction and EliteXC did with Arlovski?

Trump’s Affliction Entertainment has made it clear that it would co-promote with any legitimate company that can facilitate in creating a great fight that the fans want to see.

DreamFighters.com: How are things between you and Zuffa (Lorenzo and Dana)

Approximately 3 weeks ago, I had a conference call with both Lorenzo and Dana. It was both a pleasant and professional call. As I stated on the call, I have nothing but the utmost respect for both of them. It is without question that they have been at the forefront of this sport. Their abilities have opened the door for others (like Trump’s Affliction) to create competitor leagues. Like any business enterprise Donald Trump enters, he strives to be the best. In this case it is to be the preeminent league in the sport. With the strategic alliances forged over the past 4 months, we feel that we are certainly on course to achieving this goal.

DreamFighters.com: It has been great speaking with you. We all look forward to Affliction Day of Reckoning.

Myself as well. Hope to see you there.