UFC 91 PosterReal quick post. I’ll be on the road the rest of day traveling back home to visit family and friends for Thanksgiving. I’ll try and catch up on anything major either later tonight or tomorrow morning depending on how much time I have.

For now, I’ll leave you guys with a quick update from Bloody Elbow’s Michael Rome on the UFC 91 buy rate.

In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter this week, Dave Meltzer has a short report on early numbers for the UFC 91 show. He reports that it looks to have beaten UFC 61 (Ortiz v. Shamrock) and came up just below UFC 66 (Ortiz vs. Liddell) in some areas.

I’ve received two preliminary estimates that put it in the 800,000-850,000 range. If those numbers hold up, it will be the second biggest UFC buyrate ever. It did not do the 1.2 million that White predicted, but I never believed this show could break a million without an incredible promotional push. It didn’t get that push, but still apparently did great business.

Everyone should be pretty damn happy with that all things considered.

[UPDATE 12/10/08 9:52PM ET]Dave Meltzer has an update on the UFC 91 buy rate. Apparently, internal UFC estimates are now pegging the buy rate at 1,010,000 buys. If that pans out, it will be highest grossing UFC pay-per-view event ever thanks to the higher price point of $44.95. Liddell-Ortiz II did 1,050,000 buys but the price point back then was $39.95. Including the live gate, that would put the grand total just over $50 million. Also, if true, Randy Couture would be pocketing $2.61 million. Brock Lesnar would be making slightly less. It’s worthy to note that Dave’s estimates still have it in the 800,000-850,000 range.

Bloody Elbow’s Luke Thomas has a good write-up on it I recommend checking out.