Roger HuertaA few fighters have taken a stand against the UFC in recent times by publicly proclaiming their unhappiness with the organization. Roger Huerta was one of those fighters.

We all remember the infamous FIGHT! Magazine interview where he said he didn’t care where he fought, just as long as he was treated fairly. Well, that didn’t really do much for him besides anger UFC brass. Apparently, they frown upon that sort of thing. Of course, Huerta didn’t really do himself any favors when he lost in unspectacular fashion to Kenny Florian not too long thereafter either.

What was expected to follow was what some like to call “The Zuffa Freeze Out,” however, it looks like that’s going to end a little early. MMA Weekly is reporting that Roger Huerta has signed a new five-fight deal with the UFC.

Popular lightweight Roger Huerta has apparently mended fences with the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He signed a new five-fight contract on Monday with the industry leading promotion. Sources close to Huerta confirmed the deal to on Tuesday.

While no further details were disclosed, chances are Huerta didn’t get everything he wanted. He didn’t exactly have much of that thing some like to call leverage.

The only other detail I can pass along is that he’s going to be in the new UFC video game, UFC 2009 Undisputed, which means he must have signed that wonderful licensing agreement or a variation of it we’ve heard so much about.

As for when you’ll see Huerta back in the Octagon, Kevin Iole seems to think it will be sometime in February, possibly UFC 95 or UFC 96.

Since I mentioned Huerta will be in the video game, I might as well let you know about another name that has been confirmed for it, and it’s probably not one you were expecting—Royce Gracie. Yep, none other than the man who helped start it all will be included in UFC 2009 Undisputed.

No, he’s not going to step in and fight Anderson Silva or anything of that sort, Royce will be a part of UFC Undisputed 2009 when it is released this Spring. He’s also the subject of a documentary that the UFC is working on for Spike TV.

Cool. Very freakin’ cool, but if they keep having problems getting everyone signed, is the UFC going to resort to signing guys like Art Jimmerson, Keith Hackney, and Harold Howard? That, not so cool.

[UPDATE 12/10/08 11:29PM ET]MMA Junkie says Huerta’s next opponent could be Spencer Fisher possibly at UFC 96 on March 7.