Cro Cop vs Hong Man ChoiIt looks like Cro Cop may have an opponent for Fields Dynamite!! 2008, and his name isn’t Alistair Overeem or Badr Hari. You might want to sit down for this…it’s Hong Man Choi. got the scoop, and it was later announced on the official K-1 Korea website. has learned from a close FEG official that Mirko Crocop and Hong Man Choi will fight and possibly fight each other at Fields Dynamite, however, it has yet to be confirmed, or if these two fighters are just simply fighting on the same card. K-1 Korea Official has just confirmed this.

It has not been confirmed on FEG North America as of now. We will bring more confirmation and sources soon.

According to Dream Fighters, Cro Cop’s camp has yet to confirm the fight, and considering Japan tends to jump the gun from time to time on fight announcements, this one should just be considered a rumor. Nevertheless, it’s definitely not one they’d shy away from, so there’s a good chance Cro Cop vs Hong Man Choi is what we’re going to get come NYE.

As ridiculous as this is, I’m actually sitting here wondering if Cro Cop can beat Hong Man Choi. You would think, but Cro Cop’s not quite what he used to be.

Anyways, it’s probably not what you were hoping for, but, hey, at least you’ll be drunk! Happy New Year’s from FEG!

[UPDATE 12/11/08 2:00AM ET]The official DREAM website is confirming (via Mark Hunt will be facing Jerome Le Banner, but it won’t be under K-1 rules, it will be a mixed martial arts match. The funny thing is that Croatian new article said Le Banner was going to fight Cro Cop, but the elbow injury he sustained at the K-1 World GP finals would likely prevent him from being ready. That’s Japan for ya.

Oh, and by the way, Aoki vs Alvarez is also listed on the site. I assume that one is official now as well. (Via FightOpinion)

[UPDATE 12/11/08 12:20PM ET] has updated their post to it’s only a possibility they’re fighting each other now. I have updated the title and the post to accurately reflect the changes.