ESPN The Mag’s Ryan Hockensmith had a few interesting nuggets to pass along. He sounds very confident that a deal will get done to revive EliteXC and there’s a good chance they’ll end up back on CBS in 2009. Here’s an excerpt from his report on

It appears Elite XC has rounded up enough financial backing to at least take another breath of air. In turn, the company appears to have kept the ear of CBS executives.

Will Elite XC be back on CBS soon? Are Kimbo and crew even still Elite XC fighters? Where did the money come from? Details are sketchy.

But would that mean Elite XC, specifically? Kahl declined comment on that, saying CBS is entertaining several possible promotions. But if CBS wants to continue doing MMA, and CBS has a standing relationship with the Elite XC people, and those Elite XC people helped put on seven of the 10 most-watched MMA events ever, wouldn’t that give Elite XC a big leg up on the competition?

“Let’s just say this: We really like the people and the product at Elite XC,” Kahl says. “But we’re speaking with multiple promotions.”

Hockensmith also mentioned that the relationship between the UFC and AKA is still on the rocks. He said don’t be surprised if things with Koscheck and other AKA guys gets ugly. I guess Koscheck couldn’t have picked a better time to deliver the most brutal knockout of his career.

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