If you’re a squeamish person, you might not want to watch this. It’s the nastiest injury I can remember watching. A picture and animated gif after the jump if you can handle it. You can also watch the fight for free on UFC.com (via Fightlinker).

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Quick injury updates: Yoshiyuki Yoshida apparently was treated for a concussion and has been released from the hospital. Brandon Wolff not only ate a lifetime’s worth of vicious knees Silva-style (pick your Silva, Anderson or Wandy), he also caught one of Saunders’ toes in his eye from a head kick. Jonathan Goulet underwent a brain scan and may have a torn MCL. And of course, we all saw what happened to Razak Al-Hassan, although that one’s on him. He must have taken Kimbo’s motto, “Tapping out is for bitches,” to heart.

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One more update: According to UFC.com, Corey Hill underwent surgery today for his broken leg, and unfortunately, it looks like he’s going to be out for a year to 18 months. It’s absolutely awful news for a guy who is trying to make a living as a professional fighter. Hopefully, the UFC at least picked up the medical bill.

Corey Hill’s Broken Leg

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Corey Hill's Leg Snapping

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