MoneyThe NSAC has released the fighter payouts for the UFC TUF 8 Finale. Keep in mind, these figures represent the base contracted pay the fighter receives from the promotion. These figures do not include any additional “locker room” bonuses or sponsorship money, which in many cases exceeds a fighter’s base pay. These numbers also do not account for taxes, insurance, and license fees.

With a highlight reel head kick KO that even Cro Cop would have been proud of, Anthony Johnson was the night’s big money winner pocketing $43,000, which included the $25,000 “KO of the Night” bonus. Junie Browning, David Kaplan, and Krzysztof Soszynski also took home $25k bonuses.


Courtesy of Sherdog:

  • Efrain Escudero: $16,000 ($8k + $8k)
    Phillipe Nover: $8,000
  • Ryan Bader: $16,000 ($8k + $8k)
    Vinny Magalhaes: $8,000
  • Wilson Gouveia: $36,800 (includes $18,400 win bonus)
    Jason MacDonald: $35,200 (includes $9,200 of Gouveia’s purse)
  • Anthony Johnson: $18,000 ($9k + $9k)
    Kevin Burns: $7,000
  • Junie Browning: $16,000 ($8k + $8k)
    Dave Kaplan: $8,000
  • Krzysztof Soszynski: $16,000 ($8k + $8k)
    Shane Primm: $8,000
  • Eliot Marshall: $16,000 ($8k + $8k)
    Jules Bruchez: $8,000
  • Shane Nelson: $16,000 ($8k + $8k)
    George Roop: $8,000
  • Tom Lawlor: $16,000 ($8k + $8k)
    Kyle Kingsbury: $8,000
  • Roli Delgado: $16,000 ($8k + $8k)
    John Polakowski: $8,000

Bonuses $25,000

  • KO of the Night: Anthony Johnson
  • Submission of the Night: Krzysztof Soszynski
  • Fight of the Night: Junie Browning & David Kaplan ($25k each)

Total Payout

A disclosed total of $389,000, including all bonuses, was paid out to the fighters.