Wanderlei Silva Training

Photo courtesy of CombatLifestyle.com

UFC Light Heavyweight Champ Forrest Griffin is less than two weeks away from his first title defense against Rashad Evans. A friend and training partner of his, Wanderlei Silva, is also fighting on the card, and if both secure wins on Dec. 27, there’s a decent chance these two could meet in the Octagon in 2009.

Some fighters will tell you they won’t fight their friends or training partners, however, Forrest is not one of those fighters. MDS of MMA Fanhouse caught up with Forrest Griffin last week who had some nice things to say about Wandy, but made it clear he wouldn’t have a problem fighting him for the right money or the belt.

“He’s a good training partner and we’re becoming better friends because his English is getting better,” Griffin said of Silva. “I’ve got nothing bad to say about Wanderlei. He will never get tired of punching you. There’s just no break in him. I think of myself as someone who’s willing to do as much as anyone, but he’s the one guy who might do more. That’s a bad dude. He’s hard to put out. If he was a video game, he’d have no life bar. You’ve got a life bar that goes down but his life bar doesn’t go down. That’s why I like watching him fight.”

So if Griffin beats Evans and Silva beats Rampage, will we see Griffin vs. Silva some time in 2009?

“It would be great,” Griffin said. “If it’s for the right money or a belt, I’ll fight anyone.”

Guess the crazy snorkel training is paying off. That alone is probably more than what most fighters put themselves through, but what’s really insane is when Wandy submerges himself in a trash can full of ice water. If you can manage to make it through that without catching pneumonia, you must be developing superhuman abilities. Let’s be honest here, there’s just not good enough reason to subject yourself to that insanity unless you can come out of it with the ability to fly or shoot a fireball.

No one can ever dispute Wandy wasn’t put on this planet to be a fighter. That’s for sure.