Just because Juanito Ibarra no longer manages and trains Rampage Jackson, doesn’t mean he wasn’t trying to get in on part three of Rampage’s trilogy with Wanderlei Silva.

In an interview with FightHype.com, Ibarra claimed he has the formula to show either fighter how to beat the other, and Wanderlei may be seeking out his services.

I feel…and I don’t care what the world says, but I feel I have the formula that can make Wanderlei Silva beat Rampage easy; easy! And I also have the formula where I think Rampage can beat Wanderlei Silva easy and I’ve always said that. I don’t care how many times Wanderlei beat Rampage and how he beat him, I just know this and I told people because they were telling me Wanderlei was asking for me. I ain’t believing nothing until I get the phone call from him. Otherwise, it’s just a big rumor to me.

Juanito didn’t wait patiently by the phone, however. Instead, he apparently sent a letter to Wandy offering his services, and as it turned out, Wandy wasn’t interested.

Appearing on Brazil Combate TV yesterday, Silva said: “I’ve received a letter from someone offering training with Juanito to me, but I didn’t care to accept it.

The letter “contained phone numbers that I could use to get in touch with Juanito, but I threw it away,” he added.

“I think it’s unethical to accept the former coach of my opponent, and if Juanito is doing this with Rampage, he may do the same with me later.”

Man, that’s messed up. I’d love to know what secret formula Juanito was hoping to sell to Wandy. Get Rampage in the clinch and knee him to death? Yeah, sorry Juanito, but I think Wandy’s already solved that mystery.

[UPDATE 12/16/08 6:34PM ET]Juanito Ibarra has informed MMA Junkie that he didn’t make Silva the offer.

“I can’t believe the stuff that gets printed in these magazines and websites,” he said. “This is exactly why I don’t read them.

“I never once contacted Wanderlei or his manager. I know them, sure. I really like Wanderlei. He’s a great fighter and an extremely respectful person. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about him, his manager or his trainer, but if he received any kind of letter from someone claiming to be affiliated with me, then I honestly don’t know anything about it and I didn’t approve it.”

Hmm…I wonder who to believe.