WAMMA Heavyweight Championship Belt

The World Alliance of Mixed Martial Arts (WAMMA) is attempting to crown an “undisputed” lightweight champion at this year’s Fields Dynamite!! card. If successful, WAMMA’s #2 and #3 ranked lightweights in the world, Shinya Aoki and Eddie Alvarez, respectively, will battle it out for the belt on NYE.

In an interview with DreamFighters.com, WAMMA COO Michael Lynch confirmed the news.

DreamFighters.com: Now to the question at hand. There has been a lot of talk that the upcoming Eddie Alvarez v. Shinya Aoki fight on Dec. 31 at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan at FEG’s “Dynamite!!” could be for a WAMMA Lightweight Championship. What is the story?

Mike Lynch: To be clear, WAMMA is still in talks with Dream and K-1 to have the belt on the line. Nothing is official and it is our hope that things can get worked out to make it happen. That being said, WAMMA is very excited about the fight and would be thrilled to see a WAMMA Championship awarded to the winner. This is a very special fight – Alvarez and Aoki are two of the premier lightweights in the world, ranked #3 and #2 respectively in the November WAMMA Rankings on www.gowamma.com. Dream and K-1 are outstanding promotions and WAMMA would be honored to be a part of the show and crown the first world, undisputed WAMMA Lightweight Champion in Mixed Martial Arts. Truly, it would be MMA history in the making on New Year’s Eve.

If you’ve been following this blog for long enough, you probably know I support the notion of the best fighters in the world fighting each other regardless of which promotion they’re contracted to. Unfortunately, with the UFC’s no co-promoting policy, that is virtually impossible at the present time, especially in the heavyweight and lightweight divisions. I’ve read quite a few articles criticizing WAMMA, and while I don’t necessarily disagree, I just have a hard time caring when it’s obvious they aren’t going to have any sort of significant impact unless dramatic changes in the current landscape take place.

That said, I do find this notion of the Aoki/Alvarez winner being the “undisputed” champ that Lynch is trying to perpetuate rather comical. In the interview, he clearly states Aoki and Alvarez are ranked #2 and #3 in WAMMA’s world rankings, and Pat Miletich even addresses the #1 ranked lightweight BJ Penn, yet Lynch still claims the winner will be “undisputed.”

How can you even do that? If I hand you a lump of coal and tell you it’s a diamond, it’s still a lump of coal. Just because it could be a diamond one day, doesn’t mean it’s a diamond now.

Quite honestly, I don’t have a problem if they want to give the winner a belt, but by labeling him as the “undisputed” world champion, all they’re really doing is insulting our intelligence.

In other Dynamite!! news, Semmy Schilt vs. Mighty Mo in a MMA rules match has been announced, and apparently, if the rumored Cro Cop vs. Hong Man Choi match happens, it will be under K-1 rules.