Will Ribeiro WEC 37 Weigh-Ins

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Will Ribeiro, who recently fought Brian Bowles at WEC 37, was in a horrible motorcycle accident earlier today. The latest reports have Ribeiro in a coma at a hospital in Brazil with a 50-50 chance to survive.

Ed Soares, Ribeiro’s manager, passed along the details to WEC.tv.

“Soares said one of his assistants in Brazil told him Ribeiro was riding as a passenger on the motorcycle and was not wearing a helmet. The street they were riding on was slick due to rain. Ribeiro was rushed to a local hospital and underwent emergency surgery.

‘My assistant said that the doctor said for sure that he (Ribeiro) has lost sight in one of his eyes,’ Soares said. ‘He’s still in a coma. After surgery the doctor said there is a 50-50 shot that he will come out of it (survive).'”

This is just horrible news. Hopefully, he will pull through and make a full recovery.

Our thoughts go out to Will and those close to him.